Plant-Based For Parents

A non judgmental place where parents can learn how to get more plants into their school-age children's diet without pressure!

Does the thought of getting veggies into your kids immediately make your stress level rise?

Have you experienced:

  • Arguing over meals
  • Wasted food
  • Overwhelm with what to make
  • Kids that only eat one thing
  • Stressful dinners

Help is here.

I want in!
  • Do you crave meal times that are less stressful?
  • Do you need tools to help your kids eat their veggies?
  • Do you want to support from people who have experienced the very same issues?

Plant-Based Parents is for you!

Plant-based experts Sophia DeSantis and Stephanie Dreyer share all their tips, tricks and tools to make plant-based eating more manageable for parents!

These classes are here to give you tools that will help you get more plants into your children without the overwhelm.

It's an open space to learn information from people that have been there and ask questions for individualized support.

Learn to teach your school-age kids how to eat wholesome foods they actually like.

Here is what is included:

  • 30 minute live class with two plant-based experts
  • 30 minutes of open question time
  • Ability to send in questions if you cannot attend live
  • Link to the video for you to watch at any time

Ready to make plants easier?

Have questions? I have answers!

What if I cannot attend live?

You will still get a copy of the video to watch at your convenience.

Who is this meant for?

There is so much information out there already for babies and toddlers, that we decided to focus on school-age kids of all ages.

Can I still ask questions if I cannot attend the class?

Yes! You can email your questions in. We will honor at least one question per person.

Will the classes have different topics?

Yes! Each class will focus on a different topic/theme which is listed when you purchase.

So are you ready to make plant-based eating something to look forward to instead of dread?

For only $45 you get all 3 classes:

(or pay $20 per class)

  • 30 minute live class with two plant-based experts
  • 30 minutes of open question time
  • Ability to send in questions if you cannot attend live
  • Link to the video for you to watch at any time

Hey friends!

Hi! I’m Sophia the fun loving mom behind Veggies Don’t Bite! As a client-centered health coach, meal systems expert and plant-based recipe creator, I focus on helping people feel empowered instead of overwhelmed when it comes to overall health and wellness. I teach that small habits can lead to big changes.

I helped my husband better his heart health by completely changing our family's diet. I did this with a newborn and a 1-year-old, so I know what it's like to make a health change in the midst of chaos.

Being a teacher for 14 years, and getting my master’s degree in education, helped me understand that each person is unique in how they learn, and there is no one size fits all approach. I now have "retired" from my teaching job and run my business full time while navigating life with 3 young boys.

Through Veggies Don’t Bite and my popular podcast, Real Food Real Conversations, I strive to help people find what works for their personal health and wellness!

Hi everyone!

I’m Stephanie, a plant-based meal planning expert, award-winning children’s book author, mother of 3, and the founder of Batch Cooking Club, a weekly vegan meal prep membership.

I help busy, vegan and vegetarian parents make dinner easier by providing weekly meal plans and easy recipes so that they can enjoy daily healthy, homemade meals with their family.

I’m known as VeegMama on my social media feeds, where I share cooking videos, meal planning tips, recipes and more!