Beyond The Recipes

Helping you take your wellness from stressful to zen in a low pressure way that works for you!

"Thank you, Sophia! When my 16-year-old vegetarian daughter told me she was frustrated with how we were eating, I knew our family of four needed support. I have always enjoyed Sophia’s fabulous recipes, pod casts and nonjudgmental approach. Having Sophia as a personal coach was an amazing experience. Sophia is a patient teacher and so well organized. I was overwhelmed but she broke things down into small steps giving me attainable goals. Meeting those small goals helped give me the confidence that I needed. There was also more than enough self-study material to keep me busy. Thank you again Sophia for sharing your wealth of knowledge and making a lasting positive difference in our day to day lives." ~ Sylvia

See if I'm a good fit!

Are you ready to empowered instead of overwhelmed?

Do you have goals you never accomplish?

Does thinking of what to eat stress you out?

Do you feel your head spinning when you try and plan nutritious food for you or your family?

"Sophia has been a god send!! I am a reluctant vegan - I only wanted to eat this way for medical reasons. But I have found I am enjoying eating this way, and feel SOOO much better. Thanks to the support of our 1-on-1 coaching calls, Sophia has guided me to healthy food options for my specific needs. She ALWAYS goes above and beyond to support me. Plus, the recipes speak for themselves!! I am in LOVE with Pumpkin protein balls!! And can eat the Kale Arugula Pesto with a spoon...SOOO good!! I have learned some amazing food swaps to make cooking healthier and now even my family is on board eating this way!! Totally a win-win!!" ~ Traci

It's time to call in the experts!

Working with me in the Beyond The Recipes program will give you the dedicated support you need.

You will get information you can use to make the right decisions for you and your family.

We will create small habits that move you towards your bigger goals.

I'll give you the accountability you need.

You will get meal ideas to fit your life and schedule.

Let's create the life you have always wanted!

"Sophia is the exact accountability I need. I was able to improve my eating habits and stay on track. She helped me reach my goals and is my cheerleader through the entire process. We worked out a plan that was easy to follow and totally attainable. I couldn't be where I'm at without her help. Thanks Sophia!!" ~Jen

Have questions? I have answers!

What kind of support do I get?

Depending on the support you need, I will guide you to the program that works best. I offer both group and one on one support programs.

Do I need to live by you?

Nope! All support is done virtually.

What types of things do we work on?

It all depends on your goals! I will help you with anything in the wellness space from creating healthy habits to meal ideas to organization and accountability.

How much does it cost?  

I have multiple ways I help support people, so the price varies. Click below to see if you are a fit and we can chat about what works best for you!

What if I want to stop or change support programs?  

All you need to do is send me an email and I will cancel or change your program.

Let's do this together!

"Continuing on with the plant based diet is a huge goal for me and your support is making it possible. Some of the plans out there turn plant based into something more complicated than it needs to be. You have taught me to make it doable and enjoyable." ~Pari

Hey friends!

Hi! I’m Sophia the fun loving mom behind Veggies Don’t Bite! As a client-centered health coach, meal systems expert and plant-based recipe creator, I focus on helping people feel empowered instead of overwhelmed when it comes to overall health and wellness. I teach that small habits can lead to big changes.

I helped my husband better his heart health by completely changing our family's diet. I did this with a newborn and a 1-year-old, so I know what it's like to make a health change in the midst of chaos.

Being a teacher for 14 years, and getting my master’s degree in education, helped me understand that each person is unique in how they learn, and there is no one size fits all approach. I now have "retired" from my teaching job and run my business full time while navigating life with 3 young boys.

Through Veggies Don’t Bite and my popular podcast, Real Food Real Conversations, I strive to help people find what works for their personal health and wellness!